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  • Slavery’s Physical Legacy
    JOSEPH McGILL JR. Founder of The Slave Dwelling Project
    comes to campus this week!
  • Join Tufts Labor Coalition for a rally for adjunct faculty read all about the situation below!
  • Gender, race and music? Movie and discussion at the Women's Center
  • Looking to intern or work in Somerville this semester? Check out the job section!
  • Interested in social justice meetups? Check out the So Just Corner -->


Campus News & Events

Slavery’s Physical Legacy
JOSEPH McGILL JR. Founder of The Slave Dwelling Project
Thursday, October 9th 6pm Crane Room, Paige Hall Tufts University

Through the simple act of spending a night in them, historic preservationist Joseph McGill Jr. seeks to bring attention to America’s remaining slave dwellings. Since founding The Slave Dwelling Project four years ago, Joe has slept in some sixty cabins and quarters across the nation that once housed enslaved people, and his goal is to stay overnight in all that remain.

Mr. McGill will talk about his experiences staying overnight in slave dwellings from Texas to Connecticut, providing a national context for his stay later that weekend at Medford’s Royall House and Slave Quarters. Located a few blocks from the Tufts campus, the museum’s eighteenth-century Slave Quarters is the only remaining such structure in the North.

This collaboration between the Royall House and Slave Quarters and The Slave Dwelling Project is generously sponsored by the Provost's Office at Tufts University.

UN Amb. Meetarbhan on Development Diplomacy: A Perspective from Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
Friday, October 10

10:30 to 12 in Cabot 703

On , Dr. Milan J. N. Meetarbhan, Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, will address development diplomacy from a SIDS perspective. As global leaders prepare for the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015, Small Island Developing States (SIDS) vulnerable to rising seas face unique developmental – and diplomatic – challenges. Based on an increasing number of scientific reports, if global warming is left unchecked, the SIDS will face severe impacts, including inundation, relocation and in some cases statelessness. Their clarion call states that we are all in the same boat together, and that what is happening in the SIDS is a mere preview of the severe impacts of climate change: the SIDS are the canary in the coal mine. In his public address, Ambassador Meetarbhan will discuss development diplomacy of the SIDS, followed by an informal dialogue with students and faculty about the role of SIDS in the run-up to Paris conference and our readiness to collectively mitigate and adapt to climate change in the coming decades.

Tufts Labor Coalition: Rally for Adjunct Faculty
Friday October 10th at 12:30 pm

Tisch Library Roof

The situation:

While tuition rises, fewer resources are devoted to teachers as universities shift from full-time to part-time professors.

"Being a university professor, once the quintessential middle-class job, has become a low-wage one.”

Our adjuncts voted to unionize last year. The current negotiations between the adjunct professors and the administration are coming to the end.They have reached agreement on the issues of stability and job security. What remains to be decided are the economic issues. Will our adjuncts have parity with full-time faculty and guaranteed annual increases? Professional development funds, health benefits for faculty who teach fewer than three courses per year, and tuition remission for part-time faculty members’ children?

Students can't stay on the sidelines when the providers of our education aren't able to focus on teaching because of poor pay and lack of healthcare benefits. We don't expect a class taught by an adjunct to be less valuable. Why should the university consider our adjuncts less valuable? Come to Tisch Roof and we will add our voices to these negotiations.

Dinner and a Movie: 20 Feet From Stardom
Thursday October 16th 6:30 pm
Women's Center on Talbot Avenue
Join the Women's Center for dinner and a screening of the winner of the 2014 Academy Award for Best Documentary, 20 Feet From Stardom. We have heard their voices, but don't know their names. This film foregrounds the lives and careers of successful backup singers, and asks the question: why aren't these tremendous talents famous? Please join Stephan Pennington, Assistant Professor of Music, and Steph Gauchel, Director of the Women's Center for a discussion afterwards of the role of gender, race, and class in our definitions of talent, fame, celebrity, and success.

Funding & Other Opportunities

Interested in Climate Justice? Join the Environmental Justice Mailing List

Blog: Climate Justice Through Resiliency
Check out our latest blog post, Climate Justice through Resiliency and Renewable Energy in A Post-Industrial City by Sherrell Dorsey. In today's post, Sherrell discusses the positive, transformative impact that community planning and an HUD grant have had on Bridgeport, a low-income community which was further devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

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Call for Art for “The Personal is Political is Personal”
Curated by Sara Allred

Tufts Slater Concourse Gallery, November 1 – December 12, 2014

In this exhibition, artists illustrate how personal truths are played out in political/public contexts, and how laws and policy affect their personal lives and the lives of others. Through this work, the artists hope to draw attention to issues they are passionate about by engaging the viewer in a visual exploration of social justice issues. Interested artists can submit 2D art addressing this theme through October 15. For more information on the exhibition and how to submit artworks, please download the guidelines.

Online Guide to Peace and Conflict Studies Programs (undergraduate and graduate)
This is a list of online links to undergraduate and graduate peace and conflict programmatic listings.
Click here to access resources

Conferences, Workshops& Study Abroad

Rehearsing Change: Empowering Locally, Educating Globally a Study Abroad Experience

A study abroad program that is part of a greater plan for community development, Rehearsing Change carries out the central mission of Pachaysana by empowering local communities while simultaneously educating global leaders. It is designed, administered and evaluated in partnership with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), which not only emits accredited transcripts to international students, but issues valuable certificates of completion to local community counterparts. Local counterparts and international students learn together, studying Development, Sustainability, Cultural Identity and Globalization in the context of our local community. They apply learned knowledge and tools through the Applied Arts (or Arts for Social Change), Critical Service Learning and Participatory Action Research. The combining of international students with local counterparts and our use of arts-based and other participatory methodologies make Rehearsing Change a truly groundbreaking initiative. Find application deadlines and other info here.

I, Too, Am Harvard: Blacktivism Conference 2014
Harvard Campus, Oct. 10-12th
Register online!

An intercollegiate conference focused on exploring advocacy efforts specific to Black collegiate students’ interests. Though originally inspired by the ‘I, Too, Am Harvard’ and subsequent ‘I, Too’ movements launched in spring 2014, this conference seeks to provide a platform for interested students to explore these issues further while making long-lasting connections with similarly minded students. From advocacy development workshops to events with alumni to socials, this conference will equip students with the tools needed to make meaningful changes on their respective campuses and beyond.

Get more information at the website here, http://www.itooamharvard.com/agenda.html. Find and register for the event at Eventbrite here, http://www.itooamharvard.com/register.html.

Cambridge Forum Program Schedule
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. **(unless otherwise noted)
First Parish in Cambridge
3 Church Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA 02138

Fall 2014: The Health of American Democracy

The United States has long celebrated the notion of rugged individualism as one of its founding values. Brave colonists seeking religious liberty sailed the Atlantic to settle in a wilderness; determined pioneers seeking ³elbow room² overcame the challenges of the inhospitable west to find their stake in the nation; bold entrepreneurs built industrial and trade empires from nothing. All of this was possible, according to the national narrative, because of democracy. But does a democratic form of government only foster the centrifugal force of individualism? Does it not also imply a balancing centripetal force of community?



SENIORS: Green Corps is looking for college graduates for their year-long program!

In Green Corps’ yearlong paid program, you’ll get intensive training in the skills you need to make a difference in the world. You’ll get hands-on experience fighting to solve urgent environmental problems — global warming, deforestation, water pollution, factory farming and many others — with groups like Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch. And when you graduate from Green Corps, we’ll help you find a career with one of the nation’s leading environmental and social change groups.

For more information, read on or visit http://www.greencorps.org/findoutmore .

Internships in Creative, Educational Travel
Atlas Workshops, founded by a Tufts Alum, is a Cambridge based start-up working to change the way students engage the world. We are continuing to refine our project based travel model and grow our global network of supporters and travelers. We are currently seeking graduate or undergraduate interns for two different positions: /New Travel-Project Model Intern --Focus on Experiential Education (High School Aged Students) - Graduate Student Preferred /Travel Logistics Intern --Focus on Travel Planning and Travel Sales - Undergraduate Preferred Descriptions of both opportunities are available at http://www.atlasworkshops.com/jobs or contact adam@atlasworkshops.com The deadline is October 6th.

Internship Opportunity with the Asian American Women's Political Initiative (AAWPI)
The Asian American Women’s Political Initiative (AAWPI) 2015 State House Fellowship Program is now accepting applicants and we are looking for Asian American women who are passionate about building and supporting the local Asian American community in Massachusetts! This program provides Asian American women with the unique opportunity to participate in state policymaking and experience firsthand how the legislature works through a part-time internship at the Massachusetts State House in Boston, MA. Leadership trainings, issue briefings and additional programming with statewide government and civic leaders are organised to strengthen the internship experience. In addition, all fellows will receive a $500 stipend. The application and specific details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/AAWPI

Work Part-Time @Boys & Girls Club of Medford!!
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middlesex County is hiring a part-time after school Program Specialist for the Medford Boys and Girls Club! **Click here for job description/hours: Please send cover letter and resume, with position title in the subject line, to: Ms. Jessica Jacob, Manager of Staff and Volunteer Resources, bgcmc.resumes@gmail.com

If you are interested in browsing through development jobs to get an idea of what kind of career options are available for PJS majors, visit DevEx's website, where they have the most comprehensive listing of international development, global health, and humanitarian aid jobs: http://www.devex.com/en/jobs



The Bridge to Nowhere
(From Foreign Policy, ANDREW BLUM SEPTEMBER 22, 2014)
Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, South Sudan -- a depressing list, which seems to grow each day. It can be read as shorthand for human suffering and international tragedy. For the multitude of conflict prevention and humanitarian organizations that are committed to preventing the calamities that have struck these countries, the list is a sobering reminder of how much work needs to be don
Click here for more.

Umbrella revolution: the academy reflects on Hong Kong’s struggle
(From Open Democracy, ROLIEN HOYNG and MURAT ES 3 October 2014)
Hong Kong: the former British colony that still runs double-decker buses and drives on the left; the fast-paced, vertical global city and glamorous finance hub; on a map of China, the autonomous region is only a dot. The recent mass protests disrupt these well-established images of Hong Kong and call for a new narrative, even though colonial history, neoliberal urban governance, and Chinese authoritarianism all bear on the current situation.
Click here for more

Germany’s Grass-Roots Energy Revolution
( NY Times, Erik Olsen | Sep. 13, 2014 )
A visit to the Aller-Leine-Tal, one of many energy cooperatives that have contributed to the success so far of Germany’s Energiewende, or energy transition.
Click here for more.

How great leaders inspire action
(From TED Talks Simon Sinek 09/09)
Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers ... (Filmed at TEDxPugetSound.)
Click here for more

U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit: What Did It Achieve?
(From USIP Monday, October 6, 2014
By: Jok Madut Jok, Arif Elsaui Omer, Franklin Oduro, Daud Osman)
Two months after the White House invited 50 heads of state to Washington for the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit on Aug. 4-6, observers on both continents are asking, “What did the summit achieve, and how will any gains made be leveraged?” USIP asked several prominent Africans who have worked with the Institute over the years for their reflections
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