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PJS Electives

Elective Courses

PJS does not set a fixed group of electives but encourages, through close consultation with an advisor, the development of a course sequence that embodies a theme and builds toward a significant senior project. Specific themes may address local to global issues, including: global conflict; conventional and nuclear war; humanitarian assistance; women's issues; race and racism; sexuality; social policy; civil rights; human rights; ecological issues; culture and identity; and citizen action.

For example, an investigation of war and conflict resolution might include:
HIST 177 The Nuclear Age: Physics and History
ANTH 145 Power, Politics, and Protest
PS 26 Comparative Revolutions
SPN Literature and Revolution: Mexico and Cuba

A focus on women and sexism might include:
ED 162 Class, Race and Gender in the History of U.S. Education
PHL 48 Feminist Philosophy
ENG 45 Non-Western Women Writers
SOC 30 Sex and Gender in Society

A focus on environment might include:
EC 30 Environmental Economics and Policy
PS 163 International Politics of the Environment
UEP 294F Community and Environmental Advocacy
PHL 173 Political Economy, Ethics, and the Environment

An investigation of racism might include:
PS 108 African-American Politics
ENG 149 African-American Criticism and Theory
MUS 11 African-American Music
HST 96 The African American in United States History since 1865

A focus on citizen action might include:
PS 142 Interest Groups and Democratic Theory
ENG 134 Art and Social Change in 19th C. Britain
ANTH 142 Capital, Labor, and Desire
PHL 143 Philosophy and Public Policy