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Fall 2014 Course Offerings

Core Courses Download Fall 2014 (PDF) 

PJS 001 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies Atshan
PJS 027 Human Rights in Cultural Context Bishara
PJS 099 Internship Social Change Organizations Bryan
PJS 109 Community Action & Social Movements in Public Health Roelofs
PJS 120 Sociology of War and Peace Joseph
PJS 121 Seminar: Political Culture in Comparative Perspective Cruz
PJS 130 Social Inequalities/Social Justice Leondar-Wright
PJS 131 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Burdick
PJS 135 Social Movements Leondar-Wright
PJS 150-01 Introduction to Social Justice Graham
PJS 150-04 Arts, Resilience and Social Justice Camara
PJS 150-07 Race, Ethnicity, and U.S. Africa Policy Robinson
PJS 150-08 Peace Implementation in Bosnia Hitchner
PJS 150-09 Black Panther Party Joseph
PJS 150-10 Introduction to Human Rights Graham
PJS 164 Education for Peace and Justice Donahue-Keegan
PJS 165 After Violence: Truth, Justice and Social Repair Shaw
PJS 170 Understanding Civil Wars: Internal Wars and Intl Responses Greenhill
PJS 198 Senior Honors Thesis Hitchner
PS 61 Introduction to International Relations Beckley


PJS does not set a fixed group of electives but encourages, through close consultation with an advisor, the development of a course sequence that embodies a theme and builds toward a significant senior project. Three are required for the major, four for the Certificate. A partial listing and possible themes follow.

Conflict and Violence
HIST 93-20  The Great Crisis: Depression, Total War, and Cold War  Ekbladh/Joseph
PS 139  Mitigating Electoral Violence in Africa  Robinson
HIST 116  Revolution in Central and South America  Winn

PHIL 48  Feminist Philosophy  Bauer
WGSS 73  Introduction to Queer Studies  Weber
HIST 155  Gender and Sexuality in Pre-modern Europe  Rankin
ILVS 91-01  Love and Sexuality in World Literature  Inouye/Carleton

ENG 188  Slave Revolts and Maroons  Thomas
PS 106  Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States  Masuoka
AMER 182  Asian America  Wu

EC 192-01  Resource and Environmental Economics & Policy  Chakravorty
EC 30  Environmental Economics  Jack
PS 194  U.S Environmental Policy  Portney
BIO 01  Environmental Preservation & Improvement  Ellmore

Economic/Community Development
ANTH 39-04  Unsustainable Agriculture  Blanchette
EC 127  Urban Economics  Hardman
UEP 178  Urban Policy & Planning  Witten

Citizen Action/Social Activism
PHIL 197  Ethics, Law and Society  McPherson
ANTH 169  Anthropology of the State: Subject, Citizen, Sovreignty  Bishara
ANTH 149-25  Community Based Research in Urban Borderzones  Stanton/Paci-Hernandez

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