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Fall 2017 Course Offerings

Core Courses Download Fall 2017 (PDF) 

PJS 1 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies Donahoe
PJS 99 Internship in Social Change Organizations Staff
PJS 111 Making Social Change Happen Doran
PJS 121 Seminar: Political Culture in Comparative Perspective Cruz
PJS 128 Civil Rights Movement Greenidge
PJS 130 Social Inequalities/Social Justice Doran
PJS 131 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Burdick
PJS 135 Social Movements Nava-Coulter
PJS 150-03 Genocide Donahoe
PJS 150-04 Arts and Social Justice Camara
PJS 150-08 Bosnia after Dayton Hitchner
PJS 164 Education for Peace and Justice Donahue-Keegan
PS 61 Introduction to International Relations Eichenberg
PJS 198 Senior Honors Thesis Staff


PJS does not set a fixed group of electives but encourages, through close consultation with an advisor, the development of a course sequence that embodies a theme and builds toward a significant senior project. Three are required for the major, four for the Certificate. A partial listing and suggested themes follow.

Conflict and Violence
ANTH 149-29 Seminar: Colonialism and Culture in Middle East Abowd
AFR 160 Anti-Colonialism Mode of Thought Thomas
PS 138 Topics in Comparative Politics: Politics of Oil & Energy Mazaheri

ILVS 71-01 Love and Sexuality in World Literature Inouye/Carleton
SOC 188-01 The Masculine Mystique Oeur
WGSS 85-01 Topics in WGSS: Seeking Gendered Perspectives Penvenne

Race and Ethnicities
AMER 49-01 Racial and Ethnic Minorities Clerge
HIST 126 Religion and U.S. Politics Curtis
SOC 70-01 Immigration, Race & US Society Stocking

EC 30 Environmental Economics Jack
BIO 01 Environmental Preservation & Improvement Ellmore
ENG 176 Earth Matters: American Literature & the Environment Ammons

Economic/Community Development
PS 15 Sophomore Seminar: Politics & City Berry
EC 127 Urban Economics Hardman
UEP 286 Environmental Ethics Krimsky

Citizen Action/Social Activism
AMER 94-02 Special Topics: Mass Incarceration & the Literature of Confinement Binda
DR 93-05 Special Topics: Sew-cial Activism Siobhan
ED 11 Observing Theory in Action Cohen

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