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Spring 2015 Course Offerings

Core Courses Download Spring 2015 (PDF) 

PJS 1 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies Atshan
PJS/FAH 2 Art History 1700 – Present Probst
PJS/PHIL 45 War & Terrorism McPherson
PS 61 Introduction to International Relations Greenhill
PJS 99 Internships in Creating Social Change Bryan
PJS 150-03 Genocide Graham
PJS 150-05 Introduction to Conflict Resolution Graham
PJS 150-07 Arab Spring & Jihad Spring Atshan
PJS/ENG 160 Environmental Justice & World Literature Ammons
PJS 190 Integrative Seminar: Peace, Justice, & Social Change Cohen
PJS 198 Senior Honors Thesis Hitchner


PJS does not set a fixed group of electives but encourages, through close consultation with an advisor, the development of a course sequence that embodies a theme and builds toward a significant senior project. Three are required for the major, four for the Certificate. A partial listing and possible themes follow.

Conflict and Violence
SOC 181 War, Peace, State and Society Joseph
HIST 170 Decolonization & Postcolonial Thought Manjapra
ARB 157 War & Cultural Memory in Lit. & Cinema of the M.E. Rastegar

SOC 149 Sexuality & Society Nava-Coulter
ENG 92 Feminism in 20th Century US Literature Johnson
WGSS 85-02 Transgender Lives Weber

CH 55 Race, Ethnicity & Healthcare Martinez
SOC 70 Immigration and American Society Marrow
ED 162 Class, Race, Gender & the History of US Education Perella

ENV 94 Environmental Policy, Plan & Politics Russell
UEP 221 Climate Change Policy Planning Rappaport
EC 30 Environmental Econ. Gleason

Economic/Community Development
EC 62 Economic International Migration Hardman
ANTH 20 Global Cities Stanton
SOC 113 Urban Sociology Vecitis

Citizen Action/Social Activism
PHIL 20 Intro to Civic Studies: Theories for a Better World Levine
PS 118-06 Community Organizing Staff
ED 92-04 Pro-social Education for a Democratic Society Donahue-Keegan

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