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Fall 2016 Course Offerings

Core Courses Download Fall 2016 (PDF) 

PJS 1 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies Donahoe
PJS 27 Human Rights in Cultural Context Abowd
PJS 99 Internship in Social Change Organizations Bryan
PJS 120 Sociology of War and Peace Joseph
PJS 121 Seminar: Political Culture in Comparative Perspective Cruz
PJS 130 Social Inequalities/Social Justice Doran
PJS 131 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Burdick
PJS 135 Social Movements Nava-Coulter
PJS 141 Global Justice McPherson
PJS 150-03 Genocide Donahoe
PJS 150-04 Arts and Social Justice Camara
PJS 164 Education for Peace and Justice Donahue-Keegan
PS 61 Introduction to International Relations Greenhill
PJS 198 Senior Honors Thesis Staff


PJS does not set a fixed group of electives but encourages, through close consultation with an advisor, the development of a course sequence that embodies a theme and builds toward a significant senior project. Three are required for the major, four for the Certificate. A partial listing and suggested themes follow.

Conflict and Violence
PHY 06 Physics for Humanists Goldstein
HIST 0010 Colonialism in Global Perspective Manjapra
PS 0138 Topics in Comparative Politics: Politics of Oil & Energy Mazaheri

ILVS 91-01 Love and Sexuality in World Literature Inouye/Carleton
AFR 0147-10 Special Topics: Black Feminist Theories Sharpe
WGSS0085 Topics in WGSS: Trans Lives Pfeffer

Race and Ethnicities
AMER 94-03 Special Topics: Arab and Muslim Americans Abowd
HIST 0093 Family Histories & American Culture Field
SOC 188-09 Youth of Color Clerge

EC 30 Environmental Economics Jack
BIO 01 Environmental Preservation & Improvement Ellmore
ENG 176 Earth Matters: American Literature & the Environment Ammons

Economic/Community Development
PS 0015 Sophomore Seminar: Politics & City Berry
EC 127 Urban Economics Hardman
UEP 178 Urban Policy & Planning Witten

Citizen Action/Social Activism
CH 99-01 Designing Health Campaigns Gualtieri
UEP 285 Food Justice Agyeman
ED 11 Observing Theory in Action Cohen

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