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About Our Faculty


Professor R. Bruce Hitchner, Classics (E-mail)

Assistant Director:

Dale Bryan, Peace and Justice Studies (E-mail)

Executive Board and Teaching Faculty:

Professor Elizabeth Ammons, English (E-mail) *On leave Spring 2014

Professor Paul Joseph, Sociology (E-mail)

Professor Peniel Joseph, History (E-mail)

Professor Susan Ostrander, Sociology (E-mail)

Associate Professor Kathleen A. Camara, Child Development (E-mail)

Associate Professor Gregory Carleton, Russian Literature (E-mail)

Associate Professor Consuelo Cruz, Political Science (E-mail)

Associate Professor Kelly Greenhill, Political Science (E-mail)

Associate Professor Eva Hoffman, Art History (E-mail)

Associate Professor Erin Kelly, Philosophy (E-mail)

Associate Professor Lionel McPherson, Philosophy (E-mail)

Associate Professor Pearl T. Robinson, Political Science (E-mail)

Assistant Professor, Cora Roelofs, Community Health (E-mail)

Associate Professor Rosalind Shaw, Anthropology (E-mail)

Associate Professor Adriana Zavala, Art History (E-mail)

Assistant Professor David Arond, Public Health and Family Medicine (E-mail)

Assistant Professor Amahl Bishara, Anthropology (E-mail)

Assistant Professor Ichiro Takayoshi, English (E-mail)

Adjunct Associate Professor Robert Burdick, Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (E-mail)

Senior Lecturer Sinaia Nathanson, Psychology (E-mail)

Lecturer Thomas Abowd, Anthropology (E-mail)

Lecturer Sa'ed Atshan, Peace and Justice Studies (E-mail)

Lecturer Deborah Donahue-Keegan, Education (E-mail)

Lecturer Steve Cohen, Education (E-mail)