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Peace and Justice Studies Program
Tufts University
304 Lincoln-Filene Hall
Medford, MA 02155


Changes to PJS

In March 2018, the faculty approved a new major in Civic Studies as well as a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. We are excited to build on the history and strengths of PJS as we develop the Civic Studies program. We welcome your continued input and look forward to working together.

Beginning in Fall 2018, it will no longer be an option to declare a major in PJS. The certificate in PJS will also be discontinued. It is with some sadness that we close the major. We are indebted and grateful to Paul Joseph, Dale Bryan, and numerous faculty who contributed so much to the life of the PJS program. We respect and value their contributions. In fact, we will continue to learn from what they have taught us as we rely on the ideals and insights of PJS to shape the new curriculum in Civic Studies.

Any students currently majoring in PJS will be supported to complete their majors. It is also an option to switch to a Civic Studies major, using courses taken previously for PJS. I am available to discuss your individual plan of study. Please contact me if you would like to meet.

Erin Kelly, Director

Peace and Justice Studies (PJS)

The primary goal of the PJS program is the development of students' knowledge and competencies in fields that contribute towards peace and social transformation.

Our world faces a set of interrelated problems, including militarism and war, political violence and repression, ecological destruction, poverty, hunger, racism, and institutionalized sexism. Throughout the world, international, inter-governmental, and local nongovernmental organizations have formed to confront such problems and to work for nonviolent social change.

PJS was founded to provide students an academic means to integrate an understanding of the many crises facing the world and to encourage involvement in nonviolent attempts to build a world of peace and justice. Education, particularly higher education, offers a valuable setting for creating peace and justice through study and active involvement in social change processes. PJS is dedicated to working to provide a university-wide forum for the discussion of these issues. PJS sponsors or co-sponsors numerous educational events and community activities to enrich and expand classroom work.

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